About Us

Derby Downs, LLC was started in 2005.  We created a product, Mojo, that both took out the need for tons of different supplements and created one that met most, if not all, of the competitive and geriatric horses’ needs.  Mojo is balanced, unlike the combining many different products, and maybe even more important, Mojo is effective.  It works.  Derby Downs, LLC is the parent company of Mojo and is family owned and operated.  Jennifer Gilliand, the founder of this company is a graduate of Auburn University and horse owner.  Jennifer saw a need in the industry to eliminate all of the supplement combining for the health of the horses and also to cut out the confusion for the farm managers and grooms feeding the horses.  When working with the nutritionist for the ingredient list the Phd asked Jennifer what was the goal of the product and what did she want it to do. Following a brief silence Jennifer replied she wanted it to work.  She thought it was a crazy question and the nutritionist thought it was an equally crazy answer and said she had worked with some very large names over the last 30 years and that was the first time someone had ever said their goal was results… not profit margins.  


That is how we have ran and operated our business from the beginning, quality, quality, quality.  We use human grade instead of feed-grade active ingredients, because if it is not good enough for you, why would you feed it to your animals?  We have opted for slow growth over rapid growth so we are relying on our customers to tell others how well it works.  Word of mouth and small advertising campaigns, instead of huge advertising campaigns have kept our products affordable and have always kept our end user, your furry member of the family front and center.  


We do our best in customer service and truly share in your successes, whether that is the comfort of your aging dog or cat or champion ribbons or saddles at your Horse Events.  We Love our customers and hope you love us back!  


For more information or specific questions feel free to email Jennifer directly at jennifer@mojojoint.com